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About Activeguard Telematics

Providing professional security and telemetry solutions for Governmental and multi-national corporations requires a homogeneous mixture that is composed of a multitude of products and solution approaches Every region and client requires an individual approach and individual products in order to achieve such solution. Failure can result in casualties and/ or significant damages. Prevention can only be achieved with the right mix of professional products, customized integration and constant training of personnel. At Activeguard Telematics our aspiration is to create a long-term partnership with our clients that allows to develop a platform that enables both parties to strive for the best execution possible. This is a dynamic process and requires attention for details. For this reason we have chosen to work with a number of selected partners, who enable to provide a consortial approach that allows us to work on larger projects for protection of critical infrastructure anywhere, anytime. Please contact us for additional information about our security solutions for specific markets.

Activeguard Tracks over 5,000 Vehicles in 2016

Activeguard Tracks over 5,000 Vehicles in 2015. Read more